More than a company culture, a global movement

At Apex Logistics International, our global community of experts is positioned with our organization for growth—driven to deliver passion. Every business member across the globe is dedicated to our shared mission of providing unparalleled quality, value, and growth—that takes knowledge, grit, drive, and experts who never stop looking for smarter ways to deliver for our customers.

Our culture is driven by our mission, values, and vision. We are:


At every location, our team members are tirelessly committed to delivering more value and more intelligent solutions for our customers. We are all in for our clients—providing 24/7 service and support, expert knowledge, and deep insights into shifting industry dynamics and best practices.


At Apex, we thrive in disruption because we’re constantly adapting, evolving, and preparing our organization and our clients for whatever is coming next. With our expansive global presence and ongoing industry involvement—as a member of the World Cargo Alliance—Apex provides deep insights and thought leadership to keep our clients ahead of the curve.


We take pride in our global reputation built on reliable, repeatable results, and an uncompromising customer experience. To build trust and maintain our position in the industry, we are committed to tireless precision and quality control, so your cargo arrives on-time, safely, and securely.


At Apex, our global teams of experts are motivated to deliver passion through an unmatched customer experience. We are on a journey with our customers. We never stop looking for ways to propel our organization and our clients’ businesses forward.


We work to help make a difference for organizations everywhere and we deliver compassion through our corporate responsibility program enabling all our business members to give back.