Order Management

Through the integration with Apex Order Management system, clients can harness the benefits of end-to-end visibility along their entire order process. Our system enables real time order capture, fulfillment, bookings and reporting to guide products to market, manage exceptions, establish controls and KPI’s, and identify require actions.

Customer advantages:

  • End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility & Event Management
  • Reduced Complexity
  • Reduced Cost
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Complete Integration and Management:

Apex will work closely with your logistics / transportation teams and vendors to ensure there is a clear understanding of all business requirements, processes, communication channels, and flow of data as well as physical goods.

  • Transportation standards and guidelines
  • Communication Standards and guidelines
  • Orientation, training, and local support (country level)

KPI creation, Scorecard monitoring and management, Utilization, and Optimization measurements