Industry Verticals


Discover a competitive edge in a fast-moving retail market with Apex services to drive efficiency and optimize inventory with powerful visibility and deep analytics. Our experts design and implement a plan to meet your operational goalposts all while lowering your overhead and operational processes. From pre-shipment purchase order and vendor management services to merchandising and quality control with Apex you can meet changing customer demands and increase profit margins.


Scale and adapt in a disruptive technology market space—accelerating production, time to market, and lead times to compete in a connected digital economy. Position for growth while our experts assess your business, architect, and implement strategies that transform your supply chain to support resilience and sustainability.


Deliver freshness faster with Apex services for fresh retailers. From protecting product quality and flavor with temperature-controlled Cold Chain Compliant state-of-the-art facilities to getting perishables to their destination sooner for longer shelf-lives, Apex has you covered.


Discover a more agile supply chain that produces and delivers product shipments to compete in a growing digital marketplace. Reach your customers sooner while supporting fast-changing consumer expectations and on-demand delivery timeframes.


Stop reacting, unleash agility, and make informed decisions in real-time with deeper visibility and analytics while optimizing your supply chain. Apex assesses every aspect of your organization to uncover opportunities for growth and flexibility to change course with shifts in the market. Stay in control with the VIN and part level tracking.


Build a stronger supply chain and a faster path to your customers with Apex services for industrial clients. Our experts evaluate your organizational goalposts and supply chain to find room for greater value and greater efficiency.


Reach healthcare providers and their patients with life-saving prescriptions and equipment—when they’re needed most. Apex Logistics helps you navigate the healthcare industry to create a strategy at the heart of your supply chain operations—keeping you compliant, secure, and in control.


Support local communities and economies with rapid results that align with your budget while keeping your organization compliant with complex and changing regulations. Apex Logistics navigates your organization to a high-performance and data-driven supply chain.


Fuel profits and faster production with Apex Logistics propelling your supply chain forward. Rely on global coverage, supply base operations and solutions, and 24/7 support.


Elevate your supply chain—discovering areas for improvement with Apex Logistics. Take operations to a new level with a custom strategy built around an assessment of your specific business goals and requirements. Stay in motion with endless support from our logistics teams with aircraft on ground (AOG) experts to deliver critical and time-sensitive shipments of every size.