Direct Delivery

Save time and resources while delivering—sooner.

Tap into our powerful global network to ignite value and customer loyalty and grow your presence across the globe. Apex Logistics keeps you competitive in today’s on-demand delivery culture, streamlining processes, and management so your shipments reach your retail locations with faster lead-times. Reduce unnecessary handling and storage costs while giving your teams thousands of hours back to focus on your customer experience.

  • Improve speed-to-market times by accelerating product movement from point of supply directly to point of sale with our Upstream Fulfillment program—delivering products directly to retail locations, customers, and across international markets
  • Reduce costs while making gain in supply chain agility with our reliable Cross Docking services to keep your products constantly on the move
  • Drive efficiency and return on investment with our Transloading services, streamlining a seamless journey across ocean, land, and air to deliver more while spending less
  • Minimize operating costs by transporting products straight from the supplier to your retail locations with our Store direct services
  • Deliver a stronger customer experience and a more sustainable approach by providing complete orders with our Merge-in-transit services—consolidating goods into one final delivery

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